Natawa Village Water Security Project and Sustainable Future in Fiji

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January 1, 2023


Water Security, Sanitation and Waste Management, and Regenerative systems

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Empowering Natawa Village: Secure Water, Sustainable Future


Pacific Ark is embarking on a crucial fundraising campaign to address the pressing water and sustainability challenges faced by the remote village of Natawa on the Waya Islands within the Yasawa region of Fiji. Through extensive research and community engagement, we have identified several water sources in the village, each with its own set of issues. It is clear that immediate action is needed to safeguard the health and future of this community.

The Situation:

Natawa Village currently relies on three water sources, each posing significant risks to both the environment and human health. The river system, contaminated with traces of E.coli, is causing harm to the coral reef and depleting fish stocks, affecting the community's food security. The water catchment system from the mountains contains high levels of heavy metals, posing a potential health risk. Additionally, the existing spring water source suffers from infrastructure leaks due to its age, compromising its reliability.

Our Objectives:

Empower and Educate the Youth

We aim to equip the younger generation with the knowledge and skills necessary for sustainable development, ensuring a brighter future for Natawa Village.

Water Security

We strive to provide access to clean and reliable water sources, reducing health risks and improving the overall well-being of the community.

Sanitary & Waste Management

We aim to implement effective waste management practices and improve sanitation facilities to enhance community health and hygiene.

Regenerative - Adaptive Agriculture and Aquaculture Systems & Practices

We aim to promote environmentally friendly farming and fishing practices that sustainably support the community's livelihoods and protect the ecosystem.

Proposed Solutions:

Rainwater Harvesting

Install rainwater harvesting systems in key locations, including the community hall, to collect and store water for various purposes. This will ensure a clean water source during dry seasons.

Infrastructure Upgrades

Upgrade or replace aging waterlines and infrastructure to prevent leaks, improve distribution, and minimize water loss.

Enhancing the Spring Water Source

Develop a larger water-capturing system around the spring, coupled with the planting of native trees to replenish the water table. Designate the area as a protected "tabu" zone to safeguard the water source.

Water Filtration and Purification

Implement appropriate technologies to filter and purify water from existing sources, ensuring safe drinking water for the community.

Community Involvement

Encourage active participation and create community-led initiatives focused on water resource management, maintenance, and equitable distribution.

Together, we can transform Natawa Village's water situation, ensure a sustainable future, and empower the community to thrive.

Join us in this vital fundraising campaign and be a part of a positive change in the lives of the villagers.

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