Bureta District Schools Permaculture Project in Fiji

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Help us empower Bureta District School in Fiji through a transformative permaculture project! Donate today to support sustainable education, stormwater upgrades, waste management, and the creation of a permaculture setup and food forest. Together, we can cultivate a greener future for the youth and community.



January 1, 2023


Food Security, Permaculture, Education, and Waste Management

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Proudly Partnered with:
Pacific ArkPolinate Permaculture

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Empower Bureta District School: Cultivating a Sustainable Future


Join Pacific Ark and Pollinate Permaculture in our diligent efforts to create a unique educational program at Bureta School in Ovalau, Fiji. Our collaborative project aims to establish a biodiverse, regenerative, and highly productive organic food and education hub. With the utilisation of local knowledge, Permaculture systems, and Agroforestry techniques, we will embark on an exciting journey to transform the school's grounds into a thriving ecosystem.

Our Objectives:

Empowering and Educating the Youth and Teachers

By integrating permaculture principles into an extra over curriculum, we aim to equip students and teachers with valuable knowledge and skills for sustainable living and agriculture.

Stormwater Upgrade Works

Implementing sustainable stormwater management systems will prevent erosion, improve water quality, and protect the school's infrastructure during heavy rainfall.

Waste Management

Develop effective waste management practices within the school premises, including composting stations and a worm farm, to reduce waste and promote a circular economy.

Creating a Basic Permaculture Setup

Establish a 20x20m plot featuring raised garden beds, a chicken coop, a greenhouse, and other elements that foster sustainable food production and biodiversity.

Setting up a Syntropic Food Forest

Design and cultivate a food forest that mimics natural ecosystems, promoting biodiversity, soil regeneration, and sustainable food sources.

Our Approach:

The Bureta District School currently has approximately 2 acres of underutilised land. By applying permaculture principles, we will design and transform this land into an educational layout that yields abundant returns with low maintenance requirements. Pacific Ark, in collaboration with Pollinate Permaculture, are working diligently towards this project where our intention is to create a unique educational program at Bureta school in Ovalau, Fiji. For our first project, we aim to utilise the local knowledge and species available along with certain Permaculture systems and Agroforestry techniques to create a biodiverse, regenerative, and highly productive organic food and education hub.

Our food forest will comprise 4 (2 x 25 meter) mixed tree rows for growing local timber species, long-lived fruit trees such as coconut, jackfruit, mango, and avocado, short cycle fruit trees such as bananas, citrus, papaya, and moringa, understory species such as dalo, cassava, ginger, turmeric, and bele, and other cash crop species once the tree rows are mature, such as coffee, cacao, or sandalwood. These carefully selected species are either native to Fiji or similar, ensuring they are well-suited to the local environment.

In addition to the tree rows, we will create interrow gardens measuring 7m x 25m, where we will experiment with different plant guilds and combinations that thrive in full sun during the initial 2-3 years before the tree rows create a canopy. Some combinations that can be grown in these interrows include (Corn, beans, melon, squash), (Eggplant, chilli, tulsi, cabbage), (Dalo, cassava, turmeric, ginger, bele), and (Yam, long beans, bitter gourd, cucumber). As the canopy develops, we can introduce commercial high-value crops such as coffee and cacao in the interrows, while shade-loving understory plants continue to thrive underneath.

Community Engagement

We believe in the power of community involvement and collaboration. We will present our proposal to the school and engage with the local village to ensure their active participation and support. By partnering with industry leaders in education and agriculture, we aim to raise awareness and garner additional support for this transformative initiative.

How You Can Help:

  1. Financial Support
  2. Your generous donations will directly fund vital components of the project, including stormwater upgrades, infrastructure improvements, permaculture setup, and educational programs. Every contribution makes a significant impact.
  3. Spread Awareness
  4. Share our campaign on social media, amplifying the challenges faced by Bureta District School and the potential for positive change. Help us raise awareness and inspire others to join our cause.
  5. Volunteer Opportunities
  6. If you possess expertise in permaculture, syntropic food forests, and or working with youth and community engagement, consider joining our dedicated team of volunteers to make a direct impact on the ground.

Together, let's transform Bureta District School into a hub of sustainability, providing the youth with hands-on learning experiences and creating a lasting impact on the community.

Donate now and be a part of this transformative journey toward a greener, more sustainable future.



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